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About Swimming Classes & Workshops

Swimming has always been one of the fun sports that was known as both competitive and recreational activity. While swimming as a fun thing to learn has reached out to be a huge attraction among children who begin swimming classes quite young. Children and adults who are much inclined to taking it up as a passion to pursue have found swimming to its best advantage. While swimming as a sport requires the swimmer to be fit, the activity in itself is said to be a great workout as it involves quite a lot of body movement against water.

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Apart from this, swimming is also one of the best safety measures that everyone needs to know. While intensive learning may not be mandatory, basics of swimming helps one learn it better.

Origin of Swimming

Swimming as a fun recreation dates back to about 10000 years ago, pointing to a Stone Age era. Later books and guidelines for swimmers during the early 16th Century, made swimming more popular around the world. Swimming eventually became a competitive activity in the 1830’s. This was quite enthusiastically approached in England. 

The first indoor swimming pool, St George's Baths was accessible to the public during 1828. BY 1880, swimming was one of the most popular recreational and competitive sport. What started off as a sport also became a sport that could also text possibilities of swimming across oceans. By then there were quite a few swimming techniques that were discovered including breast-stroke technique, hand-over stroke and front crawl technique.

 Captain Matthew Webb was the first man to swim the English Channel in 1875. Using the breaststroke technique, he swam the channel 21.26 miles (34.21 km) in 21 hours and 45 minutes. After a quite a number of massive achievements in swimming, this also became a part of the modern Olympic Games in 1896.

This great popularity and liking towards swimming helped greatly with the forming of the World Swimming Association in 1908.

Various Styles in Competitive Swimming

While there various styles in swimming, during competitive swimming sessions a particular list of four styles were fixed officially. They are:

Butterfly stroke



Freestyle Swimming

Why Swimming Classes & Workshops

While swimming is still the easiest and fun activity, it is also important that the basics of swimming are quite established for every swimmer. Since swimming involves being in the water, managing both the body weight while still in the water, it is essential to know the basics of swimming that would help the swimmer.

If the swimmer is focused on pursuing swimming as a sport, then it definitely requires practice and training sessions. These sessions are focused on helping the swimmer practice better styles of swimming and to be able to master in one or more of them. Speed of swimming and being able to sustain during lapses are also aspects that are focused during swimming classes and practice sessions.

As a safety measure, swimming is one of the important activities that everyone should know. Apart from swimming being an emergency safety tactic, it also lets the swimmer save his life as well as others in case of an emergency while in the water. Hence, the importance of learning swimming has been on a higher level than any other sport. 

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