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About Rohit Barker

From an RJ to MC to VJ to a professional DJ and producer, Rohit Barker has tried everything one can think of in the field of entertainment. He started as a radio jockey, moved on to become a Video Jockey, then returned to work as a professional RJ finally after moving around in the world of radio for a while, he decided to up the the disc and become a DJ. He still spends his weekdays as an RJ for Indigo FM but during the weekends, he travels to create the music frenzy his fans love.

Credits Rohit Barker

Life in Radio

The only common denominator in his different ventures was the word Jockey. He started out as an RJ for All India Radio. After spending some time on air, he became a VJ for Channel V to get some on screen time. But his love for radio called him back to work as a professional RJ at various centers like Radio City, Dubai FM and finally at Indigo FM where he currently works as an RJ when he's not creating a frenzy at some event with his music.

His time in London and Dubai as an RJ has taught him a lot about the entertainment industry abroad.

Credits Rohit Barker

Life as a DJ

After spending over a decade with DJ Ivan, Rohit Barker gave into his wish of entering the music world and picked up his equipment to produce his own music. As a VJ and MC he spent some time with a DJ console with jockeys like Ivan and Nikhil Chinappa whom he thanks for inspiring and helping him.

He keeps his fans entertained with his beats across various locations in India. Be it his time in front of a microphone or a camera or a live audience, Rohit Barker has used his time spent in different fields to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry making him a full fledged entertainer. He can host an event and change the atmosphere completely with his crazy beats.

Credits Rohit Barker

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