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About Innovative Film City

See How Movies Come to Life at Innovative Film City

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Having sensed the lack of multiple entertainment options in India, Innovative Group introduced for the first time in India – "TOUCH & FEEL ENTERTAINMENT", giving an opportunity to every Indian to experience and enjoy world class entertainment at affordable prices. Innovative realized that, the numerous Malls and Resorts which are coming up in India, require a thrilling and exciting entertainment solution of international standards, which can cater to all age groups. Innovative takes the pride of establishing one of the most unique and first of its kind Entertainment Destination India – "INNOVATIVE FILM CITY". IFC is a revolutionary concept in the field of entertainment. Innovative Film City opened its door to public in June 2008. Since then, it is captivating the hearts of millions of visitors. It has an annual target of entertaining 6 million people per annum.


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IFC has today become the pride of the State and a prominent landmark inviting tourist from all over the country. It has given a major boost to Tourism industry in Karnataka. Located 40km from the heart of Bangalore and spread over 50 acres of land, Innovative Film City is an entertainment paradise with world class facilities. It houses 27 different facilities ranging from, Amphitheater, Retail High Street, Food Courts, Theme Restaurants, Entertainment District with India's first Dinosaur Park, Haunted Mansion, Cartoon City with India's biggest Roller Coaster, Aqua Kingdom, Miniature city, Ripley's Enchanted Mirror Maze, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum,, Funplex within 4D- Theatre, Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum, Go-Karting, Mini Golf, Innovative Wannado City, Adventure Sports, Roller Skates, Fossil Museum, Fossil Hunt, Double Decker Carousel, etc. As you enter IFC, the majestic facade welcomes you and spells out the class and grandeur this place exudes. Having a highly experienced team of professionals and vast number of tie-ups with leading international brands in the field of entertainment, IFC has the expertise to provide a wide range of customized entertainment solutions.


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Innovative Film City has left no stones unturned to ensure that only the highest quality food is offered to its visitors. You have the freedom to choose from a wide ranges of dishes and beverages from multiple counters. There are package food options available for breakfast and lunch, where you can choose a set meal and enjoy it. You can also opt to make your own menu by choosing various combination of dishes, thereby making your own package.


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Innovative Film City celebrates all major state and national holidays. It also has special discounts and offers at certain times of the years, details of which can be found on their website.

Innovative Film City not only gives you a wide range of entertainment options, but also takes you behind the scenes of the film and movie industry. It is indeed a remarkable entertainment destination that should be on every traveler's to-do list.

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