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About Infinitea Bangalore

infinitea, is a first of her kind, chain of tea rooms, launched in 2003, under a unique retail-restaurant concept with the objective of introducing people to the best of teas and her culture. The concept with the theme 'from leaf to the cup' dominant throughout, allows people to enjoy a wide variety of high-quality teas and also buy tea at the store or online at our website Discover Tea, with our tastings conducted once every month, at our tea rooms. This is where we get to talk about tea, share tasting notes and experience her in all her glory. The Food menu has suggested pairings with all the dishes. Use these to enhance your experience while dining or taking tea with us.

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080 4114 8810, 080 4114 8428


2, 17/1, Ali Asker Road, Shah Sultan Complex, Cunningham Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052
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