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About High Ultra Lounge

Having dinner at a place that is 420 feet high from the ground level might give you goosebumps once you are halfway in the lift.............on the 31st floor

High Ultra Lounge is an Asian bar and restaurant situated on the rooftop of the World Trade Centre. The place is an ideal destination for food lovers and alcoholics. Ambiance is one of its kind and the service offered will surely amaze you.

Image Credits: Facebook - HUL

Located at the rooftop of the World Trade Centre, the place gives you a splendid view of Namma Bengaluru. High Ultra Lounge boasts of some sizzling brunch menus especially on Sundays.

Image Credits: facebook - HUL

With abundant variety of drinks and food, the place has much more to offer you once you step in there.Also, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Korean cuisines form a major part of the food menu.

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High Ultra Lounge 26/1,Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram Bangalore, Karnataka 560055
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