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About Happily Outdoors

Happily Outdoors strives to reconnect people to the nature. They focus on helping young minds as well as adults as, spend time with nature and thus to insisting and reminding them about nature conservation. There are camps organized for both adults and kids, letting them explore nature and learn outdoors.Lead by professionals and certified leads, these treks involve adventure and learning experiences out amidst nature.

The Happily Outdoors camp site ‘Malajodi Farms’ in Kukkavu village is located in the Western Ghats region that is declared as a biodiversity hotspot by UNESCO. This makes it easier for them to organize exploratory treks on secure environment. To make the experience of trekking & camping even authentic, the local villagers are also given a chance to involve to help the participants get a first hand information on the flora and fauna in the area. This helps the participants understand the importance of being a sensitive nature conservation ambassadors themselves. 

Happily Outdoors has been helping people start out on the nature conservation measures on a personal level and reminds them to practice on a daily basis. Thus impacting one at a time, their events have been a true inspiration to nature lovers who take part in these activities.


Happily Outdoors, Malajodi Farms
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