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About DJ Monk

At an age when people were not even allowed inside clubs, Monk started his career as a DJ. he first began with software DJing at the tender age of 16 before moving on to performing at party venues. The aspiring artist started experimenting with software tools available to him to create electronic music.

Listening to artists like Daft Punk, Hardwell, Tiesto and Dash Berlin inspired him to follow their individual styles and try his hands at mixing and creating music.

Credits DJ Monk

About the DJ

Coming from a music background and listening t different genres of music growing up, Monk's creativity allowed him to mix different sounds in order to create bootlegs and even
his original tracks. He was influenced by genres he grew up on like Blues, rock, pop and country to enter the realm of music.

Credits DJ Monk

Passionate about the emergence of electronic music in India, he took the first opportunity he found to enter the world of DJs and producers. Working towards creating the perfect sound my mixing different styles into one, Monk embraces the addictive feel of electronic music. Challenged by the idea of mixing the music scenes that co-exist but don't usually work together, this DJ has proved to be a worthy opponent to other artists his age.

Not only has he performed with some of best artists in India, his club appearances have taken the nightlife in Bangalore to a whole new level. According to him, passion and hard work are the two things that got him where he stands now.

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