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About DJ Jasmeet

Being one of the fortunate ones who got to work in a field he was passionate about, DJ Jasmeet is renowned for his Bollywood mixes. From movie premiers, corporate events, private parties, fashion shows to weddings, this DJ can cover all kinds of events. Be it an informal ladies sangeet or classy event like a high profile fashion show, this Dj is always giving his beats to people looking for a celebration. Awarded as the DMC 2000 South Zone India Mixing Champion this DJ continues to enjoy a successful career in music.

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About the DJ

A product of prestigious institutions like Bishop Cottons and Christ College, DJ Jasmeet regularly performed at stage events winning the hearts of those around him. Despite being passionate about the seas, Jasmeet passed on offers from the Merchant Navy to work in the professional club circuit as a DJ.

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With a supportive family, Jasmeet got to move along his career with their blessings and managed to make name for himself as one of biggest celebrity DJs in India. He shows his passion for music by offering support to youngsters dreaming of a career in music.

A perfectionist by nature, DJ Jasmeet performs with the sole purpose of having a good time with his audience. He believes his ability to mix tunes and beats so well is because of his Punjabi ancestry. 

Credits DJ Jasmeet

His commitment to the craft is proved by the time he spends on mastering the art of mixing and experimenting with new avenues to make his tracks sound better. Even though he has achieved a lot of fame and appreciation in his professional career, he plans to keep growing by learning more and more about music.

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