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A vegan diet often has a bad reputation for being tasteless and outright unsavory. The struggle is real for those who ditch their favorite dairy products to join the plant based bandwagon. Often restaurants confuse veganism with vegetarianism and refuse to ‘veganize’ a dish lest it would not taste delicious. Carrots Restaurant is nothing less than a savior for the vegans in Bangalore, which breaks the convention that one has to sacrifice flavor for healthy and sustainable living or vice- versa.

Carrots, located in one of the largest neighborhood Koramangala 6th Block, is Bangalore’s pure vegan restaurant which is the first of its kinds in the city. Carrots serves a plethora of lip- smacking options to satisfy your craving for sweet, sour and tangy delicacies. Wholesome ingredients and healthy cooking are combined to form innovative dishes like baked papdi chaat, palak seitan curry, millet burrito et al, which lure one towards the ‘plant-based’ lifestyle. And with all the dishes priced at reasonable rates, the eatery is a haven for those looking for a place to savor dairy free and gluten free meals in a comfortable ambiance.

Apart from serving scrumptious meals, Carrots also organizes private baking and cooking classes, promising to revamp your culinary skills. The eatery also executes catering services at small- scale.

India might abound with vegetarians, but veganism is still a fairly new lifestyle in our country where cows are revered for their milk. A metropolis like Bengaluru has witnessed a considerable growth of people opting for plant based and cruelty free foods. Keeping in mind this trend, Carrots also provides Vegan Consultation services which comprises of menu creation, staff training and workshops. By raising awareness of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, it has become a place which serves more than just food.

So if you want to tantalize your taste buds without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle, Carrots Restaurant is the place to be!

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No 607, First Floor, 80 Feet Road, Koramangala 6th Block Bangalore India 560095
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