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Bangalore is a city that offers a number of exciting things to do after a long day at work or even over the weekend. While its pub and dining cultures are extremely popular, adventurous activities often get overlooked by city slickers. However, if you have a thirst for action, there are a number of adventure sports in Bangalore that you can indulge in. While there are few activities to partake in within city limits, some require you to travel a little outside the city for your hit of adrenaline.
These activities serve as excellent corporate days out, as they help with team building and leadership improvement. They also help teens and young adults with character development and helps them discover their love for adventure. A few of the most popular activities are trekking, camping, white water rafting, and cycling. A few more of the most popular adventure sports around Bangalore are listed below.


Trekking is easily one of the more popular choices for adventure sports in Bangalore. The city has the highest number of accessible trekking locations in the country. A few trails, including Savandurga, Nandi Hills, Ramanagara, and Antharagange are located within a 100 km radius of the city and normally offer easy to medium-level intensity treks. A few other trails like Nishani Motte, Bheemeshwari, and Kalhatty are located further away and offer more intermediary treks. It’s the perfect fix for anyone looking to get spend some time in the outdoors.

Wall Climbing:

Rock climbing is an extremely popular activity around Bangalore, however, there are many who would like to try their hand at climbing before facing the outdoors. This is where Wall Climbing comes into the picture. With wall climbing, participants get to hone their climbing skills on an artificial wall built to simulate rock climbing conditions. Wall climbing centres are located around the city and give participants the chance to stay fit and practice for more challenging climbs.


For those who want to spend a weekend completely in the outdoors, camping is an excellent choice. Several campsites are located around the city, while some are quite close, others require a few hours of travel to get to. Each site tends to differ from the other, with a few offering conventional tents to sleep in, while others offer more luxurious wooden cabins or even tree-houses. Campers also get to enjoy other adventure activities, including trekking, bird watching, swimming and more at these sites. A few popular camping locations around Bangalore are Manchinbele, Nachikuppam, Doddamakali, Coorg, and Wayanad.

White Water Rafting:

When it comes to adventure, nothing is more adrenaline pumping than river rafting. This sport is particularly popular among corporates since it is an excellent team-building activity. You can try out this exciting activity in Coorg on the Cauvery and Barapole rivers. Other popular locations for whitewater rafting are Dandeli, Devbagh, and Bheemeshwari.

Microlight Flying:

If you’ve always dreamed if soaring over the city of Bangalore, there’s no activity better than microlight flying. This activity requires you to fly a small aircraft about 4000 feet up in the air. The difference between this activity and other aerial based sports is that you get to sit comfortably while you steer the aircraft. This activity is specifically offered at Jakkur Aerodrome.

Parasailing and Paramotoring:

If aerial adventure activities excite you in particular, other excellent adventure sports in Bangalore to try are parasailing and paramotoring. These activities are also primarily offered at the Jakkur Aerodrome. Here, you’ll get the chance to try this activity with the guidance of trained professionals who will ensure you have the most seamless experience. If you ’re brave enough, you can try parasailing solo, if you’d like to share the experience with someone, give tandem parasailing or paramotoring a try.


If you’re a cyclist, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite as exciting as zipping down the street with the breeze in your face. Cycling can be a workout or can even a break from the gym, depending on where you choose to cycle. There are several cycling clubs in the city that gives you the chance to find new trails, make new friends, and enjoy this sport with more enthusiasts.

Hot Air Balloon Ride:

There’s something so adventurous, yet romantic about hot air balloons and if you’ve ever wanted to try it, you can enjoy this activity within the city limits of Bangalore. You will be taken up high into the air, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. Absolutely anyone who’s looking for some way to enjoy the weekend can try this activity.


One of the most exciting adventure sports around Bangalore has to paintball. This activity is good fun and requires you and your team to work together to bring down your rival. Choose from several excellent paintball arenas in the city, where you can enjoy the sport safely. A few neighbourhoods with centres, include Electronic City, Sarjapur Road, Yelahanka and Angsana. You will be given well-maintained gear to arm yourself and protect you from the paint pellets.


If you love the water and want to be surrounded by nature, kayaking is an excellent option for you. The sport has gained popularity over the last few years and many are giving the activity a go. You don’t even necessarily know how to swim to enjoy this activity! You’ll have experienced guides teaching you the best methods for kayaking. Just go with the flow and you’ll have a great time.

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